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Why start checking real estate?

Comprehensive inspection of the apartment before purchase is a mandatory procedure that allows you to insure yourself against fraud. Experienced lawyers collected the main recommendations related to the transaction of buying real estate in the primary or secondary market.

Having chosen a suitable property, it is important to personally inspect the object and evaluate its condition, behavior of the owner, living conditions. Any suspicious factors should alert the buyer.

For example, checking an apartment before buying should be considered unsuccessful, if the finishing of the apartment differs from the declared for the worse, there are technical shortcomings that were not mentioned in advance. It is difficult to call the future deal “clean” if the owner is in an unreasonable hurry to sell real estate or refuses to reduce the cost if the flaws of the apartment are discovered.

  • A certificate is required that will confirm the right of ownership
  • You should also analyze the number of property rights transitions

01. What documents should be checked when buying an apartment?

If you are interested in checking an apartment before buying on the secondary market, then here you should highlight several risks inherent in housing bought from the owner-individual.

02. Checking documents when buying an apartment in a new building.

The question of what documents should be checked when buying an apartment in a new building is also of interest to many buyers, since the real estate market is actively replenished with new residential complex. Therefore, this point requires separate consideration.


Check documents independently

Many buyers wonder where to check the apartment before buying in official sources. Deciding how to check an apartment when buying, remember that you are the owner of a considerable amount, which is easy to lose due to the inattention of your actions.

When buying real estate, it is important to check all documents without exception, no matter how competent and trusting the seller behaves. That is why the procedure is often not without the support of a lawyer due to the lack of experience of the buyer. This is due to the fact that many fraudsters often take advantage of the lack of completeness of knowledge and use this in their favor, and a notary, lawyer and experienced realtor are specialists who will always be able to legally protect the buyer.

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